1. Watching the sea crash against the beach from a distance with a person so remarkable, being proud to be a part of her life life is an understatement.

  2. There and Back.


  3. Anonymous said: Hey Craig, Do you use any lighting besides natural light within your photos? Flash gun? Ranger kit?

    Nope! Everything is natural lighting apart from the Studio shots I do every now and then. Found lighting is the best :)

  4. We listen to the roaring pellets of rain that crash against our windows and thank ourselves that we’ve made it inside.

  5. Couple

    Ilford HP5 400 Plus

    Minolta AF 7000

  7. Quick couple of portraits during rachaelputt's shoot.

  8. I reckon I’m a lucky guy for having such a beautiful woman to call my partner. She’s gorgeous, fun, quirky and smart (She also works it!)

    Hit the jackpot.


  9. Anonymous said: Hello Craig! I have to say your photos are truly beautiful, may I ask how do you edit them? Hope you're okay!

    Thank you very much! One should never reveal their secrets! I’m just playing but I literally just play with the hues/saturation, highlights/shadows and then mess with my curves before sizing them down a bit for the internet. Nothing extreme, just touch ups. Thank you though! Feel free to ask me anything without being on anonymous, it’s always nice to know people appreciate my photos.

  10. Crepuscular